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Korea-Eureka Day is a gathering of innovators, companies and leaders from Korea and Eureka member countries to share ideas and facilitate collaboration. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Korea-Eureka Day will take place online, and it will provide a unique opportunity to strengthen and enhance R&D;&I; cooperation between Korea and Europe.Date24-25 November 2020VenueOnlineContentsGlobal Tech Forum, Eureka Seminars, and Online B2B matchmaking

Day 1


  • 16:00~16:15
    (08:00-08:15) Opening
     Opening Remarks- KIATWelcoming Remarks- MOTIE / Eureka Chair
  • 16:15~17:45
    (08:15-09:45) Global Tech Forum
     Keynote Speech 1 – Green and digital transitions: Aligning the two agendas- Stefan Sipka (European Policy Centre)Keynote Speech 2 – Digital Transformation Enhancement of R&D; Ecosystem- Jeong Yeol Kim (Deloitte Consulting Korea)Keynote Speech 3 – Facilitating the Future of Mobility with Hydrogen- Moonjeong Kang (Hyundai Motor Group)Keynote Speech 4 – The future of the Bio-Industry: prepare for the “New Normal” after COVID-19- James(Hoyeol) Yoon (Samsung Biologics)
  • 17:45~19:00
    (09:45-11:00) Eureka Seminar 1
    – Korean International R&D; programsIntroduction of International Cooperation projects- Min Kyu Song (Korea Textile Development Institute)National AI Research Institute, ETRI- Ilsue Roh (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)International R&D; Cooperation for Future Automotive Technology- Jae Yong Park (Korea Automotive Technology Research Institute)KETI provides support for strengthening global competitiveness through international joint projects in the electronics and IT fields- Keum Jee Chung (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)The KIAT Europe, the connecting point for industrial technology cooperation between Korea and Europe- Joo Suk(Jason) Kang (Europe Office of KIAT)Introduction of KIAT Korea-Germany Technology Cooperation Center- Johannes Pietzka (Korea-Germany Technology Cooperation Center of KIAT)Introduction of Korea-EU Research Centre- MyonJung Kim (Korea-EU Research Centre)
  • 17:45~19:30
    (09:45-11:30) Eureka Seminar 2
    – R&D; strategies of Eureka countriesIntroduction of Innovate UK (UK)- David Campbell-Molloy (Innovate UK)Introduction of CDTI (Spain)- Oscar Fernandez Moyano (CDTI)Introduction of FFG (Austria)- Michael Walch (FFG)Introduction of Enterprise Estonia (Estonia)- Siim Kinnas (Enterprise Estonia)Introduction of Business Finland (Finland)- Heikki Uusi-Honko/ Tom Warras/ Suvi Sundquist (Business Finland)Introduction of National Research Council Canada (Canada)- Wei Ning(National Research Council Canada)Introduction of Innosuisse (Swiss)- Colette John-Grant (Innosuisse)Introduction of Enterprise Singapore (Singapore)- Navjeev SINGH (Enterprise Singapore)
  • 17:45~19:30
    (09:45-11:30) Eureka Seminar 3
    – Eureka Clusters
    * Simultaneous SessionIntroduction of Eureka Cluster- Peter Herrmann (Eureka Cluster)Introduction of Celtic-Next- Peter Herrmann (Celtic-NEXT)Introduction of ITEA- Jan Jonker (ITEA)Introduction of SMART- Joseba Bilbatua (SMART)Introduction of Eurogia 2020- Sinem Altuncu (Eurogia 2020)Introduction of PENTA/EURIPIDES²- Peter Connock (PENTA) / Rémy Renaudin (EURIPIDES²)
  • 16:00~20:00
    (08:00-12:00) Online B2B Matchmaking
     1:1 Pre-arranged Online B2B Matchmaking* To be conducted according to the individual matching timetable

Day 2

  • 16:00~20:00
    (08:00-12:00) K-TAG B2B Matchmaking
     1:1 Pre-arranged Online Meetings (Korean companies – K-TAG)* K-TAG: Korea Technology Advisory Group

* Programs are subject to change.

Global Tech Forum
In the era of the fourth industrial revolution, the world is facing a huge paradigm shift, spreading to COVID-19. We predict the future that high-tech technologies will change through changes in international joint R&D; strategies and global industrial technologies in the post-COVID era.

Date & Time
16:15 ~ 17:45 (08:15-09:45), 24 November

  • The online streaming screen will be opened on the day of the event.

Keynote Speech 1

Stefan Sipka
Policy Analyst of European Policy Centre (Brussels)
Green and digital transitions: Aligning the two agendas

The world is experiencing the green transition and digital transformation. Governments, companies and public at large are increasingly recognising the related benefits as well as challenges.
Arguably, data and digital solutions can serve as an enabler for greater sustainability as long as climate and environmental impacts of ICT hardware and software are taken into account. Drawing mainly from the EU’s experience, the presentation will look into the state of play, challenges and prospects in aligning the two agendas, including relevant cases and policy recommendations for the way forward.

Keynote Speech 2

Jeong Yeol Kim
Government & Public Services Sector Leader of Deloitte Consulting Korea
Digital Transformation Enhancement of R&D; Ecosystem

It needs to be shared how various R&D; supportive activities operate effectively such as enhancement of collaborative projects with public and private key players and what kinds of differential factors have to be executed from commercialization or digitalization perspectives with considering global trends of R&D; ecosystem and characteristics or recent changes of each stakeholders of local R&D; ecosystem including government, public-owned entities, private enterprises and academic associations in South Korea

Keynote Speech 3

Moonjeong Kang
Head of Institute, Vice President,
Institute for Hydrogen Industry, Hyundai Motor Group
Facilitating the Future of Mobility with Hydrogen

Hyundai Motor Group unveils its vision for future mobility, and hydrogen plays a key role. Hyundai Motor Group’s fuel cell technology will be used not only in automobiles, but also in various applications such as train, vessel, and UAM(Urabn Air Mobility). Based on the various partnerships, Hyundai Motor Group is actively seeking to realize its vision for future mobility with its partners all around the world.

Keynote Speech 4

James(Hoyeol) Yoon
Head of CSC Center, Senior Vice President,
Samsung Biologics
The future of the Bio-Industry: prepare for the “New Normal” after COVID-19

Biopharmaceutical development is a time-consuming and expensive process.
The need to expedite and make this process more efficient, has become even more critical with the COVID-19 pandemic.
Samsung Biologics is expanding business scope beyond CMO to provide one-stop service to our clients, and change the market paradigm through our high quality, “Faster and Better” development services.

Eureka Seminars
Eureka Seminar 1 Korean International R&D; programs
Eureka Seminar 2 R&D; strategies of Eureka countries
Eureka Seminar 3 Eureka Clusters
Seminar 1 introduces Korea’s R&D; support agency. It will support the growth of Industry-University Institute Collaboration through introduction, role and detailed support for each support agency.

Date & Time
17:45 ~ 19:00 (09:45-11:00), 24 November

  • The online streaming screen will be opened on the day of the event.

Presentation 1

Organization : KTDI (Korea Textile Development Institute)
KTDI is doing our best to be one of the best Institute by R&D; for high-tech textile materials focused on upstream of textile industry, and leading growth and capability of textile industry. The presentation will explain the following.

Role for KTDI
International Cooperation projects for KTDI
MoU status for KTDI
Presentation 2

Organization : ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
ETRI is a government-funded research institute in the field of ICT and is carrying out R&D; and technology commercialization activities with the aim of becoming the world’s best AI research center.
ETRI has 2,300 researchers carrying out around 600 ICT-related projects with a budget of 600 billion won each year. ETRI is conducting international joint research and cooperation activities with 160 global partners in 45 countries around the world.

Presentation 3

Organization : KATECH (Korea Automotive Technology Institute)
KATECH has been established based on ‘Industrial technology innovation & promotion law’ under the authority of ministry of knowledge and economy in 1990. The presentation will explain the following.

Introduction of the government’s New Deal
Status of government R&D; related to eco-friendly cars and self-driving cars
Introduction of Korea Automotive Research Institute
Introduction of international cooperation items
Presentation 4

Organization : KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute)
KETI is an independent research institute in the field of electronics and IT, and has led the growth of small and medium-sized companies in the high-tech industry for about 30 years through technology development and KETI’s business cooperation platform. By utilizing KETI’s excellent research achievements and our cooperation network with global research institutes and companies, we are supporting companies to strengthen their global competitiveness.

Presentation 5

Organization : Europe Office of KIAT (Korea Institute for Advanced Technology)

KIAT has been conducting various enterprises ranging from industrial technology policy planning to academic-industrial collaboration, local industry promotion, middle-standing enterprises support, technology commercialization, research foundation building, material components industry support, and international technical cooperation.

Presentation 6

Organization : Korea-Germany Technology Cooperation Center of KIAT


Presentation 7

Organization : KERC (Korea-EU Research Centre)

KERC, located at European quarter in Brussels, was launched in 2013 to promote and enhance the R&D; cooperation between Korea and the EU, under the influence of Korean Ministry of Science, Technology & ICT and National Research Foundation of Korea.
The presentation aims to provide the audience with practical information for utilizing KERC as a platform for Korea-EU cooperation and also taking relevant opportunities under the NRF grants.

Online B2B Matchmaking
The Online B2B Matchmaking will be conducted through the EEN Matching System. Please sign up for the Matchmaking in the link below.

Online B2B Matchmaking Registration
K-TAG B2B Matchmaking
The K-TAG B2B Matchmaking will be conducted through the EEN Matchmaking System. Please sign up for the Matchmaking in the link below.
*K-TAG: Korea Technology Advisory Group

K-TAG B2B Matchmaking Registration
Idea Pitch
Guideline for Idea Pitch
Promotional videos introducing key businesses and core technologies of the companies participating in B2B Matchmaking.
If you are interested in any organization, click the ‘Meeting Request’ button. You can view their profile after log in using your b2match account.

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